Mantra Eco-Resorts Private Limited
Rambagh, Hartola
Near Nainital, Uttarakhand
Tel: +919871088629




Things to do

  • Campfire A bonfire in the evening with friends and music may be organized on request to sit under the clear night skies and relax or just star gaze.
  • Climbing activities and rappelling may be organized close to the site for the adventurous guests.
  • Guided Nature walks & Treks through Lovely Forests with one of our oldest residents on site Bhachida whose knowledge of the local area goes back over fifty years.
  • Outdoor Volleyball may be organized for enthusiasts. Some Indoor board Games and playing cards are also available to provide entertainment for the family.
  • Bird watching with over 60 identified bird species using a local guide.
  • Yoga sessions by Qualified Instructor may be organized with prior information.
  • Relax with music, books and magazines.
  • Jeep Safaris and high altitude treks.